Physical Plant and Sustainability

“We should really learn about the Earth (the physics and biology of it) so we can work with it – to make sure we can live here without destroying it.”

Michael reynolds
“People can live in carbon zero homes right now. The technology is here. Allowing it to happen is the problem. Our rules and regulations won’t let us do it.” – MR.
“It’s not like a light bulb went on and I thought: ‘I’m going to make sustainable housing’. It happened little by little as a result of responding to the news (of environmental issues.) I stumbled into this as a result of responding.” -MR.
“When I first started doing it, people thought I was crazy. When I told an engineer I was building a house out of beer cans, he told me I was a disgrace to the architectural profession.” -MR.
“I see my work as an exploration of how to remove stress. That’s not necessarily architecture.” – MR.
“If every building was to consume its own sewerage that’d be huge. Then if every building made its own power, and heated and cooled itself, and caught its own water rather then sucking water out of the aquifers – the ramifications of how people live in their own units could affect things in an unbelievable way. Ultimately it would affect the minds and hearts of people.” -MR.